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Justin + Stacy

Beer, beer, and more beer that is how it all started……this business we call 4 By 4 Brewing Company. We, Justin and Stacy Steenburgh have been married for 28 years, we have a son, Ryan Steenburgh who is married to Madison, they have given us the greatest gift and we call her Chandler (many of you already know her).

Together we have accomplished many things, both of us manage and supervise at our day jobs, we have both won many awards for our dedication and hard work. We are passionate about families and happiness for everyone. If we could have only one hope in life it would be that others would know us as giving and loving individuals. This is one of the top reasons we agreed to co-own this brewery with some of our closest friends.

The family atmosphere is what we most hope to achieve because we are family oriented and strive to keep our family close. So, when you have great friends and you travel together and drink a lot, you produce great ideas that very rarely come into fruition, lucky for us ours has become a reality. Our hope is that you love our beers as much as we do. We strive to be different and come up with funky new ways of creating things that you would not normally find. With that being said, Justin’s favorite beer is Smooth Criminal and Stacy’s is any of the new slushies.


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