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Derek + Danielle

We met in April of 2012 and had our first date at a Springfield Cardinals game (we are both huge St. Louis Cardinals Lovers). We got married in July of 2016 at a campground with some of Chris’ first practice brews and the day after our wedding was followed by a float with all of our friends enjoying even more craft beer.

We both had one child when we met, Derek has one daughter Kendra who is now a 15 and Danielle had a son named Ashton who unfortunately passed away in 2014, 8 days shy of his 5th Birthday (and is missed beyond measure 💙). Then, in 2022, to our surprise, we were blessed with a daughter together named Denver Skye, who turned one in January of 2023 and she has brought so much excitement and love to our story!

When we first met, to be honest, craft beer wasn’t a huge part of either of our lives but, it quickly became a huge passion that grew fast between the two of us and to say the least, it has been a life changing passion. We have always been drawn to the people of craft beer. Everyone is always so inviting and kind in the craft beer community and we are excited that we get to be part of that loving community ourselves now.

We both love the outdoors, boating, floating, traveling, trying new foods, and obviously visiting new craft breweries!

The guys all worked together in the food sales industry and the ladies all met at the guys work functions, we then all would meet up at the Shaffer’s house to brew and the passion grew. Our group trip to Nashville is what tied it all together for the long haul, and 4 BY 4 was born.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we get to be part of this family friendly, amazingly created space with great tasting beer and we are excited to continue to bring you even more fun for the whole family!

Derek’s Favorite 4 By 4 Brew: Brrr Chilly!! (Cold IPA)

Danielle’s Favorite 4 By 4 Brew: 4 Rye 4 (Rye IPA) and County Fair (Cotton Candy Blonde Ale)


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