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About 4by4 Brewing

- Who is 4 By 4? -

4 By 4 Brewing Company opened in December of 2017 and is owned by 4 Guys and their 4 Wives - Hence 4 By 4! What started out as a passion for brewing in the garage with friends, eventually led to a dream come true.


Chris & Shila Shaffer

Derek & Danielle Shimeall

Justin & Stacy Steenburgh

Steve & Kelly Dobbs

- What is 4 By 4? -

We are a local based, community and family minded neighborhood Tap Room/Brewing Company located in Galloway and Fremont Hills!

If you don't know the full story behind 4 By 4 Brewing, here it is: To many people's surprise 4 By 4 is not about 4x4 trucks/jeeps or back roading. 4 By 4 is about family, friends, and community and is owned by 4 Guys and their 4 Wives along with many children in between! 4 By 4 started out as a (very serious) joke in a garage while we watched home brewing at its finest. The dream became more and more realistic the more we all hung out together and finally on a birthday trip to Nashville (for Chris, the brewer) we decided (after many craft beers) to take the jump! We came back and started researching and while it took us about 13 months to get it up and running it has grown far past our expectations thanks to all of you.

4 By 4 is a local based, community and family-minded tap room/brewing company. We not only specialize in creative innovative beer, but in making a space for you to fully enjoy the quality of our beer and the company you keep! We are a small batch microbrewery in the Galloway District and a production facility/larger Beer garden in Fremont Hills that opened as a result of a passion and a dream. From our signature beers, to our seasonal small batch offerings, and to our blended beers, there is something for everyone, from the craft beer newbie to the beer aficionados. Our space holds a family friendly atmosphere complete with inside and outdoor games for children and adults and a beer garden. We are extremely thankful for our customers and we hope you feel like part of our family the second you walk in the door. Come in and try our signature beers, seasonal offerings or one of our blended beers!

When life's a chore, grab a beer from 4 by 4!


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