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Mexican Lager

5.3% ABV

Citrus, Light, Crisp

A product of collaboration based on a long-time friendship, we developed our Perches Mexican Lager in partnership with our pals at Perches Mexican Restaurant in 2019 to commermorate Cinco De Mayo. Clean, crisp, and citrusy, this lager was designed for summer but is sure to brighten up any occasion.

O'Zapft IS!


5.8% ABV

Matly, Clean, Light

O'Zapft Is!, a Bavarian expression that signifies the opening of the festival. At noon on the first day of Oktoberfest, the Mayor of Munich taps the first keg of beer at the Schottenhamel tent. In Munich it's a magical word meaning "it's time to party". A Marzen or Marzenbier is a lager that originated in Bavaria. This beer is rich in malt with a balance of clean, hop bitterness.

Sticky Bunz

Cinnamon Roll Porter

6% ABV

Sweet, Roasty, Smooth

We take this classic American style, medium bodied porter made with roasted barley and chocolate malts to give it a balanced rish flavor to start with. However, there is nothing better than adding the amazing flavors of cinnamon roll to this already great porter to make the perfect winter beer. Think about the amazing smells coming from your mom, Grandma or Grandpa's kitchen and that's what you will get with this tasty beer!

Java The Kolsch

Coffee Kolsch

5.5% ABV

Clean, Light, Coffee

A kolsch is a relatively subtle beer unless you add coffee to it, then it becomes spectacular! The nose ufront is coffee, the flavor is crisp with just a hint of coffee and not finishing too sweet. We us Guatemala Light Roast beans from Copper Canyone Coffee in Battlefield, MO!

County Fair

Cotton Candy Blonde Ale

5% ABV

Sweet, Light, Balanced

If you know anything about 4 By 4, you know that we like to do things crazy and out of the box! With that being said, back by popular demand, we bring you County Fair, our Cotton Candy Flavored Blonde Ale! Think about all of your childhood memories at the fair: people watching, corndogs, root beer, funnel cakes, games, concerts, and all of the cotton candy you could handle! Enjoy hot summer nights under the bright lights with your favorite adult style cotton candy in hand!

Toates M'Goats

Farmhouse Ale

9% ABV

Earthy, Crisp, Clove

Mr. Toates... The man, the beard, the Legend! This beer idea came to fruition after a lover of all things Farmhouse and close friend wanted us to recreate his favorite beer of all time. His last name being Toates was just he icing on the cake for the naming of this beer! Toates is a Farmhouse Ale with a kick. We use fresh cloves, cracked black pepper and sweet orange peel during whirlpool to deliver our take on this old-world style Artisanal Ale.

Parkside Pineapple

New England Style IPA

6.5% ABV 

Tropical, Juicy, Sweet

This New England Style IPA has generous amounts of hops added late in the brewing process to add a citrusy pineapple aroma and flavor that is extremely tasty, tropical and refreshing. Parkside Pineapple is sure to get you in the vacation OR staycation mode, so grab your hula garb and let the tropics come to you!

Strawberry Fields 4 Ever

Strawberry Blonde Ale

5.0% ABV 

Fruit, Fresh, Balanced

Fresh organic strawberry puree is the highlight of this crisp Blonde Ale. The addition of Citra hops adds it's extraordinary flavor profile, making this a truly crisp, balanced and refreshing beer. You don't have to love all things fruity to enjoy this killer brew. This summer vibe strawberry Blonde Ale is EVERYONE'S favorite!

Smooth Criminal

Double Dry Hopped IPA

9.3% ABV 

Smooth, Juicy, Hoppy

For those that love an absolute barrage of hop aroma and flavor, we give you our DDH DIPA. Coming in at 9.3% this beer is not for the faint of heart! There are 3 different hop varieties that are added during fermentation. In addition, we double dry hopped this beer resulting in an explosion of citrus and tropical notes. If you are looking for a beer that will be smooth enough to sneak up on you but not kill your taste buds then Smooth Criminal is what you're looking for!

Berry Mangalo

Fruited Sour

5.4% ABV

Sweet, Tart, Berry

This blackberry mango sour is a unique and enticing beer that combines the best of sour beer with the tropical sweetness of mangoes and the rich juiciness of blackberries. With a complex flavor profile, the initial sip is sure to excite you with tartness followed by a balanced natural sweetness of fresh fruits. While sipping on this exciting beer, you will enjoy a compelling fruity bouquet of aromas from the first drink to the last. Don't be fooled, this is an amazing beer to drink year round for any event your heart desires.

Bluegill Lager

Light Lager

4.2% ABV

Crisp, Clean, Refreshing

Bluegill Light Lager is a refreshingly crisp and clean beer that embodies the essence of a sunny day by the lake. Brewed using high-quality malted barley and a touch of specialty hops, Bluegill Light Lager creates a harmonious flavor profile that is both satisfying and sessionable. Its light body and effervescent carbonation make it incredibly refreshing, making it an ideal companion for warm weather and leisurely outdoor activities.

Midwest Secret

India Pale Ale

6% ABV

Bold, Aromatic, Piney, 

Midwest Secret is our version of a bold and vibrant IPA that celebrates a variety of hops. This clean, easy drinking IPA, has an aroma bomb upfront with a nice citrus like piney and floral hop finish. Midwest Secret is your Midwest IPA, meant to be enjoyed year round doing whatever it is you do in the Midwest! This IPA will leave you craving another sip time and time again.

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